ABN Classic Pediatric 

Featuring the superior acoustic response and rugged durability. The chestpiece is precisely machined to exacting tolerance from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance. The color coordinated non-chill ring and diaphragm retaining ring provide excellent patient comfort. The unit comes in a foam lined box with two extra sets of soft sealing eartips and one diaphragm.

Harga Satuan Rp.300.000

ABN Spectrum

Lightweight Stethoscope

Featuring large color selection, handsome styling and lightweight comfort with affordable pricing. This wide color variety allows for easy departmental coding as well as individual user preference. Comes with brass chrome plated finish binaurals and aluminum polished finish of chestpiece.

Harga satuan Rp.75.000

ABN Majestic Sthethoscope

Featuring fine acoustic response and super light design makes extraordinary comfortable. The adult chestpiece precisely machined to exacting tolerance from lightweight aluminum. Double leaf internal spring binaurals are fixed at 15 0 angle for the comfortable ear fit. The unit comes with an extra set of soft sealing eartips and diaphragm.

Harga Satuan Rp.160.000

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